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How It works

Understanding how Dagger works is key for understanding the tool. If you understand Dagger, you can develop complex pipelines and experiment in ways that are not even documented yet with your preferred CI/CD tools.

💎 Core Concepts

In this section you can easily find the main concepts inside Dagger and navigate trough them.

🌎 References

The technical reference is a great resource to have at hand while using Dagger.

Core Actions ReferenceDagger Types Reference

🎤 Case studies

Want to know more about how Dagger can solve real-life problems? Check clients testimonies and go through how we helped them.

Particubes: Go on Docker Swarm

🚀 Time to use Dagger

If you haven't installed Dagger yet, we recommend you do it in order to consolidate the main concepts. After seeing the tool in action by yourself, you'll understand the concepts easily.

Get Started