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Welcome to Dagger's documentation site!

Dagger is a portable devkit for CI/CD pipelines that helps you build powerful CI/CD pipelines quickly, then run them anywhere. Developed in the open by the creators of Docker.

In this page you'll find all the necessary information to navigate the docs your own way. However, if you are looking for something specific, we recommend using the search bar.

If something is missing or you think could be improved, ask for support or create an issue. Thanks for being part of the Dagger community!

Where does Dagger fit?

  • Give your developers parity between dev and CI environments
  • Test and debug your pipelines locally
  • Run the same pipeline on any CI environment without re-writes
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Dive in to the fundamentals of Dagger to understand the science behind the magic.
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✨ Tutorial: Test your CI locally ✨

In this quick tutorial you'll learn how to build, test and deploy your pipeline locally and then integrate it in your own CI environment.

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