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How can I have better logs ?

Dagger exposes 2 logging format options:

  • --log-format <auto|plain|tty|json>

The default mode is auto. If you want to keep each actions' logs, use the plain mode

  • --log-level <panic|fatal|error|warn|info|debug|trace>

debug is useful to check whether an explicit dependency has been found between two actions and see CUE DAG at run time.

You can also export these options as env variables:

export DAGGER_LOG_FORMAT="plain"
export DAGGER_LOG_LEVEL="debug"

Dagger Cloud‚Äč

Dagger Cloud is a managed service that aims to help you troubleshoot your current dagger runs by storing operation history and enabling functionality such as storing outputs and a comprehensive detailed view of your executions.

If you're interested in trying out Dagger Cloud, you can find more information in our docs section. Furthermore, if you have any feedback or ideas that could help improve the product, there is an open discussion in GitHub where you can leave us your inputs.