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Core Actions Reference

Core Actions are primitives implemented by the Dagger Engine itself. They can be combined into higher-level composite actions. Their definitions can be imported in the package.

For more information about Dagger Actions, see Dagger Actions.

The following core actions are available:

#Copyfs.cueCopy files between two filesystem trees
#Difffs.cueExtract the difference between two filesystems as its own file system
#Mergefs.cueMerge multiple filesystem trees
#Mkdirfs.cueCreate a directory in a filesystem tree
#ReadFilefs.cueRead the contents of a UTF-8 encoded file from a filesystem tree
#Sourcefs.cueAccess the source for the current CUE package
#Subdirfs.cueRead a subdirectory from a filesystem tree
#WriteFilefs.cueWrite a file to a filesystem tree
#DecodeSecretsecrets.cueDecode a secret without leaking its contents
#NewSecretsecrets.cueCreate a new a secret from a filesystem tree
#TrimSecretsecrets.cueTrim leading and trailing space characters from a secret
#Dockerfileimage.cueBuild a container image using a Dockerfile
#Execexec.cueExecute a command in a docker-compatible container
#Exportimage.cueExport a docker image as a tar archive
#Pullimage.cueDownload an image from a docker registry
#Pushimage.cueUpload an image to a docker registry
#Setimage.cueModify a docker image config
#GitPullgit.cueDownload a repository from a remote git server
#HTTPFetchhttp.cueGet a file from an HTTP server