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API Playground

The API Playground is an in-browser tool for testing, running and sharing Dagger GraphQL API queries.


Some of the things you can do in the API Playground are:

  • Write and test Dagger GraphQL API queries.
  • Benefit from context-sensitive auto-complete and documentation.
  • Craft Dagger pipelines with no required setup.
  • Share your work and showcase your Dagger pipelines to others.


  • The API Playground operates in a virtualized environment. Data/files written to the host filesystem will not be persisted.
  • The API Playground has restricted networking capabilities. For example, it cannot connect to your local host or local computer network.

The API Playground is intended for query prototyping and API exploration. It should not be considered production infrastructure. Using/storing secrets, access tokens and other credentials in AP Playground queries is strongly discouraged for security reasons.

Try the API Playground!