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The dagger CLI is available for installation on macOS, Linux, and Windows to run locally or in a CI environment.

Install the dagger CLI following the steps below.

We assume that you have Homebrew installed. If you do, you can install dagger with a single command:

brew install dagger/tap/dagger

This installs dagger in:

type dagger
# macOS ARM:
dagger is /opt/homebrew/bin/dagger
# macOS Intel:
dagger is /usr/local/bin/dagger

If you do not have Homebrew installed, or you want to install a specific version of dagger, you can run:

cd /usr/local
curl -L | DAGGER_VERSION=0.9.7 sh

./bin/dagger version
dagger 0.9.7 (GIT_SHA) darwin/arm64

If your user account doesn't have sufficient privileges to install in /usr/local and sudo is available, use the following command instead:

cd /usr/local
curl -L | DAGGER_VERSION=0.9.7 sudo sh