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Understand Dagger CLI Telemetry

By default, the Dagger CLI sends anonymized telemetry to This allows us to improve Dagger by understanding how it is used.

Dagger implements the Console Do Not Track (DNT) standard standard. As a result, you can disable the telemetry by setting the environment variable DO_NOT_TRACK=1 before running the Dagger CLI.

If you are willing and able to leave telemetry enabled: thank you! This will help us better understand how Dagger is used, and will allow us to improve your experience.

The following information is included in telemetry:

  • Dagger version
  • Platform information
  • Command run
  • Anonymous device ID

We use telemetry for aggregate analysis, and do not tie telemetry events to a specific identity. Our telemetry implementation is open-source and can be reviewed in our GitHub repository.