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AWS Simple Storage Service

import ""


S3 Bucket object(s) sync

s3.#Object Inputs

config.regionstringAWS region
config.accessKeydagger.#SecretAWS access key
config.secretKeydagger.#SecretAWS secret key
config.localMode*false \| boolAWS localstack mode
sourcedagger.#ArtifactSource Artifact to upload to S3
targetstringTarget S3 URL (eg. s3://\<bucket-name>/\<path>/\<sub-path>)
delete*false \| trueDelete files that already exist on remote destination
contentType*"" \| stringObject content type
always*true \| falseAlways write the object to S3

s3.#Object Outputs

urlstringURL of the uploaded S3 object